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Webinar: ISO 9001:2015 - Ways to Document Evidence

25 January 2021
Join us for a free presentation/webinar written to support efficiencies and improvements for the continual growth and development of your quality management system.

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Date: 25th January 2021
Time: 2pm GMT / 9am EST

Your presenter will be Judith Hargreaves – Quality Management Auditor with NQA UK. Jude will explain:

  • How to create a lean ISO 9001:2015 system without creating unnecessary paperwork

  • Where does the Standard require mandatory documented information?

  • “I want to help my work force be more efficient by reducing documented information – how do I evidence the requirements are still met to an auditor?”

  • Where to start when considering reducing and updating your system; important planning.

During the webinar questions can be posted which we will endeavour to answer throughout and during a live Q&A at the end.