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Oasis Version 3 Updates

18 August 2023
For all aerospace clients, you'll know that the OASIS database used for reporting has been overhauled and released as OASIS v3 with a new revised look. 

There was a freeze period as data was migrated, and was reinstated in July. However, this hasn’t been without issue and was quickly switched off to address numerous problems. 

The system is back online and all aerospace audit reports are now being managed on the new system, including non-conformances and input from you, the customer. 

The system has similar functionality but has a new look and feel, so you should still be able to access the same information as before. You will be required to log on for your next visit to review reports, suppliers or non-conformities. To this end, you will need to access the IAQG OASIS v3 website to access the links. 

This will direct you to the login page and provide access to the help pages and issues log where all known issues and resolutions have been captured, and will help if you encounter any problems. 

If you have any further questions about the IAQG software, the NQA Aerospace Team will be able to help.