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Ensuring workplace safety: Back to basics with ISO 45001

05 March 2024
When it comes to health and safety, how does your workplace compare to industry expectations? Watch this video to discover the vital role ISO 45001 plays in protecting employees and visitors from work-related hazards.

Need the presentation slides as well? Download them (.PDF format) here.

While workplace accidents and diseases can be inevitable, they don’t have to be. With a robust health and safety management system in place, you can keep danger to an all-time minimum.

ISO 45001 is a leading global standard for occupational health and safety, taking inspiration from older standards such as OHSAS 18001 and International Labour Organization (ILO) guidelines.

What does the video cover?
  • The context of occupational health and safety

  • An overview of ISO 45001 management systems

  • How ISO 45001 can enhance workplace safety

  • The benefits of implementing an ISO 45001 management system

  • How to make ISO 45001 align with your organisation

Who will the video benefit?

  • UK organisations / non-UK organisations (ISO 45001 is a global standard)

  • Existing / potential NQA clients considering ISO 45001

  • Existing NQA clients looking to improve their ISO 45001 health and safety management systems

Which NQA expert do you hear from?

  • Terry Fisher (Principal Assessor for Health and Safety)

Find out how ISO 45001 can help your organisation become safer – and how to make the standard work for you.