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Best Practices for ISO 9001 Certification

08 March 2019
Watch our pre-recorded webinar demystifying the ISO 9001 process from implementation to certification with presentations from some of the best in the business.

Did you know there is a tax credit for companies that implement ISO 9001? Are you aware of the benefits to operating a business with a QMS in place? Watch this video to find out how understanding and implementing ISO 9001, the international standard for quality, can positively impact your organization.

Bios of presenters

James Cunningham - EA Partner, Cunningham & Associates

James Cunningham is a Partner at C&A. James earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Fairfield University and is enrolled at Harvard University pursuing his ALM Masters in Management. James’ professional career began in corporate training and financial consulting, where he was primarily responsible for organizational development, change management, process improvement, ISO implementation and management, and ERP implementation. James has practical experience, through working hands-on in the industry as the General Manager of a manufacturing facility for two years and has extensive experience in management in a manufacturing environment, process improvement, and employee development.
Main theme – Demystifying the ISO implementation process:

  • Implementation through training
  • ISO implementation strategy and management
  • Funding ISO implementation
  • State funding, i.e. training grants
  • Client success stories

Ryan Foley, MBA, EA, CVA - Partner, Cunningham & Associates

Ryan Foley is a Partner at C&A. Ryan has helped clients through every phase of the business life cycle as a small business consultant, tax strategist and trainer for well over a decade. Ryan believes that all challenges can be broken into manageable parts and best addressed in an organized, practical manner. He is able to maintain a unique bond with clients through his experience sitting on both sides of the table. He has actively participated as CEO, CFO, sales manager, operations manager, controller and various other business capacities for his clients. He understands the balance between planning, implementation and the occasional, but often necessary, change in direction. Ryan excels in tax strategy and planning, operational systems and controls, organizational improvement initiatives and change management.
Main theme – Tax benefits of ISO certification:

  • R&D Credits for process improvement
  • Overview of new R&D Credits
  • Why ISO qualifies as a process improvement according to IRS guidelines
  • Additional ways to utilize R&D
  • Client success stories

Timothy Woodcome, MBA, LA - Director at NQA, USA

Tim has worked in the quality and management systems field for over 20 years, honing his expertise in ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 27001, ISO 22301 and related disciplines through that period.  As a certified management systems lead auditor he has led and participated in hundreds of third party audits for organizations in the ICT, transportation, distribution, finance, electronics, manufacturing and service industries around the world.  Additionally, Tim serves on various industry groups charged with developing and overseeing international management system standards and oversight of third-party certification to such standards.  In his present role as Business Unit Director at NQA, a leading global certification body, he oversees NQA, USA’s ISO 9001 program which has nearly 4,000 certifications in the Americas.
Main theme – Steps to Getting an Organization ISO Certified:

  • Choosing a Certification provider
  • Where to look for a certification body
  • Key considerations in selecting a partner
  • Steps to Achieving and Maintaining Certification
  • Expectations Throughout the Process