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NQA USA Auditor Manager

NQA USA is recruiting for a full time office based Auditor Manager with the ability to multi-task, work independantly and organize their time effectively. 

Responsibilities include but are not limited to:

NQA Audit and Auditor Strategy

  • Develop and implement organizational Audit strategy in alignment with operations and organization objectives for all products and services.

  • Develop audit approach strategy that ensures that the implemented of audit services delivers organizational image perception objectives while also meeting industry and accreditation requirements and needs. 

  • Maintain awareness of industry Supply Chain & Accreditation risks and challenges to ensure audit approach and audit staff are capable of addressing Industry needs with regards to the ‘value of certification’ perspective.

  • Planning and organizing personal of group audit strategy to ensure approach aligns with organizations Operational Integrity objectives: 

  • Manage and maintain strategy to ensure organizational image projection is aligned with organizational goals.

Auditor Leadership and Management 

  • Management of ongoing audit activities

  • Develop and implement Technical Competency plans in alignment with organizational and Auditor Manager’s Strategy

  • Audit Staff Hiring, Managing and Improving

  • Operational Integrity

  • Organizational Support

Finance & Budget Management

  • Develops and manages audit management operating budgets.

  • Monitoring the proper utilization of full time and associate assessors and ensuring that coverage within the region is effective

  • Review auditor/associate expense reports and timecards as needed

  • Providing input to the finance/accounting department

  • Providing input to the NQA, USA annual budget

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