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Webinar: ISO 9001 – Principles of Risk

26 April 2019
Join us for a free presentation/webinar designed to dig deeper into the principles of risk within ISO 9001.

Date: 26th April 2019
Time: 1:00pm GMT / 8am EST

We have all heard of risk, but what does this actually mean in the context of ISO 9001? Risk is inherent in all processes, products and systems – ISO simply asks that we identify, consider and control these as part of our management system.

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Many of us remember the ‘preventive action’ clause of the previous ISO 9001 – the one at the very end that rarely got challenged – but now we are required to consider a systematic approach to risk from design to use of the management system, rather than as a separate process.
Risk management should be a proactive rather than reactive process as part of a management system, risk management is ultimately about reducing undesired effects and uncertainty – something that is of interest to us all.

During this webinar your presenter, Martin Graham – Quality Management Auditor with NQA will explain:
  • What risk is?
  • The principles of risk based thinking
  • Risk based thinking as part of the process approach
  • Why use, and the benefits of, risk based thinking
  • Risk clauses within ISO and the PDCA model 

During the webinar questions can be posted which we will endeavour to answer throughout and during a live Q&A at the end.