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Introduction to PAS 2080: What do you need to know?

15 March 2024
Join NQA as we explore PAS 2080, a global sustainability standard for managing carbon in infrastructure. If you’re involved in assets, design, construction or supplies, this webinar is for you.

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Date: Friday 15th March 2024
Time: 2pm GMT / 9am EST / 7:30pm IST
Duration: 45 mins + Q&A

PAS 2080 (Carbon Management in Infrastructure) has been introduced to meet World Trade Organization requirements.

Rather than focusing on your business activities as a standalone, PAS 2080 looks at the entire value chain. The aim: to help advance decarbonisation in the built environment through intelligent design, construction and use.

What will the webinar cover?

  • Introduction to and context behind PAS 2080 

  • Who the PAS 2080 standard applies to

  • Overview of implementing PAS 2080 

  • Purpose and value of third-party verification

  • PLUS: an interactive Q&A session

Who is the webinar for?

  • Asset owners and managers / designers / construction companies / product and material suppliers

  • UK organisations / non-UK organisations (PAS 2080 is a global standard)

  • Existing / potential NQA clients interested in sustainability

Which NQA expert will deliver the webinar?

  • Stephen Burt (Carbon and Sustainability Director)

Reduce your impact on the built environment with a robust decarbonisation strategy fuelled by PAS 2080.

If you’re unable to attend… maybe next time! Register your place above, and you will receive a recording of the webinar, a copy of the slides and access to any materials used during the session.