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COVID SECURE Guideline Verification Process

NQA’s COVID SECURE Guideline Verification adheres to the following steps:

  • Application
  • Pre-Verification assessment (remote)
  • Verification assessment (onsite)
  • Certification

To help you better understand the NQA COVID SECURE Guideline Verification process, each step is described in detail below.


You will need to fill in NQA's COVID SECURE Guideline Verification Quote Request Form. This will allow us to fully understand your company, the complexity and your verification requirements. We will use this information to accurately define the scope of verification and provide you with a proposal for certification.

Verification Assessment

Once you’ve agreed your proposal, your verification will be booked with an NQA Assessor. This verification consists of two mandatory audits:

1.    Pre-Verification Assessment (remote)

The purpose of the NQA COVID SECURE Guideline Verification, pre-verification assessment is to ensure minimum safety criteria are in place prior to any on-site Verification audit. This assessment will take place remotely prior to the Verification Assessment onsite and will be a documentation review assessment.

During the pre-verification assessment, your assessor will also verify your arrangements for:

  • Suitable risk assessment(s)
  • Suitable social distancing practices
  • Suitable hygiene and cleaning practices
  • Current incidents of COVID-19

2.    Verification Assessment (onsite)

The purpose of this assessment is to verify that the organisation has implemented the appropriate guidelines as recommended by the Government. Verification is completed on a single site basis. If you undertake site work, your Assessor will be required to visit the site with you to verify.

During the verification Assessment (onsite), your assessor will verify the implementation of Government guideline requirements within the context of the risk assessment for the particular sector and business activities (note more than one may apply to some firms):

1. Generic criteria (applicable to all): 
a.    Thinking about risk
b.    Who should go to work
c.    Social distancing at work
d.    Managing your customers, visitors and contractors
e.    Cleaning the workplace
f.    Personal protective equipment (PPE) and face coverings
g.    Managing you workforce
h.    Inbound and outbound goods

2. Industry specific criteria:

a.    Construction and other outdoor work
b.    Factories, plants and warehouses
c.    Labs and research facilities
d.    Offices and contact centres
e.    Other people’s hommes
f.     Restaurants offering takeaway or delivery
g.    Shops and branches
h.    Vehicles

If the assessor identifies any non-conformances, verification cannot be issued until corrective action is taken and verified. 


Following a successful onsite verification audit, it’s determined whether your risk assessments and implementations meet the current version of the relevant government guidelines. Consequently, a verification decision is made and if positive, verification to the required government guidelines is issued by NQA. You will receive a digital copy of your verification statement and the NQA COVID SECURE Guideline Verification Logo for use at the verified site. 


Findings will be categorised as:

Minor NCs: where an element of the client’s arrangements are non-compliant against a single clause of the Government Guidance.

Major NCs: Where an element of the client’s arrangements are non-compliant against an entire Section of the Verification Audit Report or where five or more Minor NCs area raised in any one Section of the Verification Audit Report.

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