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NQA Business Improvement Training - Operational Resilience Planning (In-House Only)

0.5 Days Level 2 – Intermediate

This new short course, delivered by an NQA expert, is designed to give professionals advanced guidance and technical know-how, beyond the standards, to help maintain and improve the management systems they have in place. This course will start at 9am and finish at approx midday.

**Please note that we encourage all our delegates sitting on virtual courses to have access to a webcam. This will enable you to interact with both the tutor and other course attendees.**

We have no public courses scheduled for this course right now, get in touch to find out more about booking an in-house training course, call 0800 052 2424 or email us.

Course aims

For those with a solid knowledge foundation of their management systems, this virtual 3-hour course aims to provide an interactive, technical dive into the techniques and processes involved with building and maintaining a high level of organisational resilience and protection in demanding or disruptive situations.

An ideal course for in-between audit assessment dates to ensure that delegates are getting the most out of their certification, system and ISO standard(s) by enhancing their skills and aiding continual improvement.

What will I learn?

Delegates will leave with knowledge of:

  • How to analyse your business in order to identify protective functions and operations

  • How to develop policies and frameworks that work for you

  • Target operational models

  • Tools and techniques to build infrastructure resilience

  • How to put tools into practice and refinement for efficiency moving forward

Is this course right for me?

This course is aimed at:

  • Organisations looking for tools and techniques to improve their strength, flexibility and durability in times of unavoidable uncertainty or difficulty. E.g.Covid-19.

  • Those with certification or a management system in place looking to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their system

  • Anyone with an upcoming audit looking to show continual improvement

  • Anyone looking for more in-depth clarification on specific elements within the ISO/ Annex SL structure

Why choose NQA training?

  • Expert trainers – All of our trainers have a wealth of experience and expertise in their field and are eager to pass this onto you in an effective way that you can take away and utilise.

  • Quality assured – Our trainers are assessed by delegates both annually and after each course. 99% of attendees scored overall trainer delivery, skills and knowledge as good or very good.

  • Interactive learning – We see the importance of practical and hands on learning so we have built this into all of our courses to further deepen your knowledge and engagement.

  • Small class sizes – Our courses all have a maximum of 12 delegates to ensure you are getting the best learning experience possible.

  • A learning journey – We offer a step-by-step training journey to help you improve over time. From introduction courses all the way up to our lead auditor training. We are always developing new training to keep up with the changing world of ISO standards.

Are you wondering which type of NQA training course is most suitable for you? Our Journey Guide will point you in the right direction.

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