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Happy Birthday - NQA Turns 30!

21 June 2018
Thursday 21st June 2018 sees an important milestone in the history of NQA. We have reached our 30 year anniversary!

NQA’s story began in the UK in 1988. Formerly known as National Quality Assurance, the company was brought to life by NICEIC, to ensure that the UK market place adopted the best practice of management systems. Fast forward 30 years and today NQA is a part of NTS (National Technical Systems), the leading independent provider of environmental simulation testing, inspection and certification services in the USA.
Together we serve a broad range of industries, specialising in the civil aviation, space, defence, nuclear, telecommunications, industrial, electronics, medical and automotive markets.
Over the last 30 years NQA have developed services to help customers deliver products the world can trust. Few people understand the true size of NQA, but with over 1,000 employees world-wide, the company boasts many members of staff that have provided exceptional services to NQA for over 20 years. NQA also has a healthy turnover of staff, allowing  new team members to grow with the organization. With this in mind we asked a few members of the team what they think about NQA and why they are loyal to NQA.
Have a look at some of our feedback below – you may recognise some of our teammates!:
I am now in my 25th year with NQA and I remain proud to represent the NQA brand through the working relationships that I have established with my clients over the years. It is great to see the value that the NQA assessment process contributes to our loyal customers’ businesses. It has also been pleasing for me to be involved in the training and development of some of the newer recruits into the field team and to pass on some of the knowledge and skills that have contributed towards the success of our company over the years. “Nigel Turner, Regional Assessor
Having started with NQA on the 2nd May, 2018 my first impressions are fantastic! I have really enjoyed getting to know people across the business and I have found everyone to be really helpful in showing me the ‘NQA way’ (a supportive and collaborative Certification Body)! I really feel that my journey with NQA is one that is already growing strong and is only the beginning of a great career step. Having worked in Certification previously I have never felt so valued as a team member and NQA have heavily invested in my development in my first few months. This shows me that NQA is a great employer and certification body and I made a great choice coming here. I am being given the tools to really succeed in my role as a member of the Business Development team. I look forward to an exciting future with NQA as it grows in the positive direction it is heading.” Simon Newell, Business Development Manager 
“Having worked for NQA for 20 years now, it’s clear what a great company NQA is to work for. Along with some strong relationships that I’ve built over the years, the company is also keen to recognise employees’ loyalty with extra benefits for a significant length of service. There have been many changes over the years, some good and some needing a little improvement as with any company, but it’s been fabulous to watch the company grow and become more and more successful. I currently work within a supportive and close-knit team and I am enjoying us all contributing towards moving NQA in the right direction together.” Paula Evans, Business Development Advisor
After joining NQA 9 months ago, one of the first things to become apparent about the company, was the way in which NQA treates its staff. Hard work is rewarded, and opportunities to help each individual grow and succeed are put in place for everyone. I’ve come from an organization with a mind-set of treating an employee as a number, whereas as at NQA this is most definitely not the case. Everyone is motivated, happy and willing to help and I think that to be able to nurture a family atmosphere, in a company this size, is a rare find these days. I know there are some big changes coming our way in the near future and I’m really excited to be around when they happen.” Natalie Teden, Senior Marketing Executive
 “I have just celebrated my 25th year with NQA.  Over the years, as expected, I have seen a huge number of changes within NQA and made some great friends along the way. I think one of the best parts of my time here has been watching how third party certification has grown in popularity and witnessing  our clients reap the benefits. Looking at feedback from clients, it’s clear to see that NQA are really making a difference to a huge range of both SME’s and global companies, in helping them to achieve what they set out to do through thorough audits of their management systems. 
NQA offers great opportunities for its staff. It embraces friendship amongst colleagues through conferences, events and the celebration of individuality through national days. This is what has built a family atmosphere within NQA, where we all work closely together towards one goal.” Usha Devshi, Accounts Assistant
If you are interested in talking to us further about our thirty year history, or are interested in a career with NQA, please contact us – enquries@nqa.com