Environment and Energy Policy | NQA

Our Commitment

NQA is one of the world's leading third party certification companies with brands servicing business, industry and government through assessment, certification, verification and support activities.

We recognise our responsibility to safeguard the environment and are committed to:

  • The operation and continual improvement of an environment and energy management system throughout our operations in order to enhance our environmental and energy performance;
  • Protecting the environment, including preventing pollution and minimising the significant environmental impacts arising from our operations;
  • Ensuring the efficient and sustainable procurement and use of all natural resources, including energy, water and consumables, consumed during our operations;
  • Considering environmental and energy performance in the design of new, modified and renovated facilities, systems and processes;
  • Setting and reviewing environmental and energy objectives and targets and ensuring that the information and resources needed to achieve these are available;
  • Being fully compliant with relevant environmental and energy legislation, contractual obligations and industry codes of practice.

Accredited Certification

Internationally Recognised 

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