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iTriangle Infotech

When I requested Mr. Amardeep of NQA for the ISO 9001:2015 certification audit at a short notice, he arranged the audit in quick time. The covid outbreak was a cause of concern. 
The stage 1 audit was held in our office and audited by Mrs. Rashmi Shivanna on 23-03-2020 and stage 2 audit was a remote one done  using zoom room facility on 26 & 27 of March 2020, auditors were Mrs. Rashmi Shivanna and Mr. Keshava Bhat.

During stage 2 audit, the zoom room facility helped in sharing documents, presenting online, there was also good clarity in the audio. Some documents were sent to the auditors through email.
We had our apprehensions initially about the remote audit but everything went well thanks to the zoom room facility. I would like to thank both the auditors for their patience as they sat for 2 continuous days to interact with different teams of iTriangle Infotech remotely from 9:30AM to 5PM.
I, once again express my thanks to Mr. Amardeep, Mrs. Rashmi Shivanna and Mr. Keshava Bhat for the remote audit as the regular audit was not possible due to the covid outbreak.
NQA Client - iTriangle Infotech (Gururaj K S, Senior Manager HRD)