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Process Auditing Webinar

11 May 2016
Technical Manager at NQA highlights top techniques for effective process auditing. This is a recording of the live webinar presented by Steve Barnes, NQA Technical Manager on 10th March 2016. 

ISO management systems standards require process-based auditing as the method of conducting internal audits.  
Although process-based auditing is widely recognised as a best practice methodology, it can be a challenge to implement correctly for maximum benefit.


Steve Barnes, Sector Scheme Operations Manager, presents on the top tips for effective process auditing.

Steve explains:

  • What is process auditing vs. other audit techniques
  • How to plan a process based audit
  • Techniques for auditing leaders and senior managers
  • Techniques for auditing the sequence, interaction and output of processes
  • Recording and reporting the findings of a process based audit

Steve also answers questions at the end of the webinar in a live Q&A session.