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60 Seconds with Mike Venner

30 January 2019
Mike Venner has over 17 years of experience in the Aerospace and Automotive business sector. After joining NQA in 2018 he has spoken to us about his passions and aims for the future...

What is your role?

I joined NQA from IMS following NQA’s acquisition of IMS in 2018 however I have worked in the certification industry for over 17 years. My current position is Aerospace and Automotive Director where I specialise in the AS9100 and AS9120 Management System standards. I work with a great team of people making sure that our clients have a great auditing experience and get what they need from their certification.

I like to make the ‘certification world’ simple and easy to understand, I cut out all the jargon when auditing and help clients to understand the requirements, running a business is hard enough and sometimes you need to stand back and think about what you are implementing before you get tied up in knots.

Why do you think companies choose to gain certification?

There are a number of reasons that organizations choose to gain certification approvals such as ISO 9001 and AS9100; some are required to by customers or regulators, others want to stand out against competitors and some gain certification in order to improve their business processes and controls.

Whatever a clients’ reason, to gain benefit from the certification systems requires a great understanding of the requirements and they also need to embrace what is being asked of them. If these two things are not performed then the organisation is likely to just trundle along and implement the bare minimum.

Top tip for people looking at certification?

“There is more than one way to skin a cat” and this relates to meeting ISO and AS standards also, once you know what the meaning of the requirement is, you can implement an effective system to address those requirements without all the red tape some organisations tend to put upon themselves. Get a copy of the standard(s) you are applying for and find the best way for them to fit your organization, make them work for you.

How might you interract with our readers?

My objective is to become an industry expert who is widely trusted and respected amongst peers for managing efficient and effective Aerospace and Automotive scheme within NQA. I am an active member of WEAF (West England Aerospace Forum), MAA (Midlands Aerospace Alliance), ADS AIG (Aerospace Defence and Security Aircraft Interiors Group) and CBMC (Certification Body Management Committee). By being a member of these groups I am able to not only gain knowledge but also to impart knowledge and provide NQA clients and future clients with as much valuable information and guidance as possible in what is a particularly strict, regimented sector.