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Orca Hygiene Case Study

02 February 2024
Meet Orca Hygiene in Aberdeenshire, Scotland (UK). The company develops and manufactures high-performance cleaning chemicals, with ISO 9001 certification demonstrating their ongoing commitment to quality.

Orca Hygiene: Exceptional cleaning chemicals

If you ever visit the scenic north-east coast of Scotland, you may come across Orca Hygiene.

Located in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire, Orca Hygiene has a vision to create “a smarter, safer and healthier world for everyone to enjoy.”

The company develops and manufactures cleaning chemicals for work and home, focusing on innovation to save lives and protect the environment.

Orca Hygiene is trusted by clients in catering, automotive, housekeeping and more – with plenty of growth on the horizon.

Partnering with NQA for top-quality outcomes

Orca Hygiene achieved ISO 9001 (Quality Management) in December 2023, aligning their high-performing products and services with the globally recognised framework.

As soon as Orca Hygiene decision-makers signed off on ISO 9001, the team wasted no time developing and implementing their quality management system (QMS).

Step #1: Implementing the QMS

Orca Hygiene recruited the support of Jonathon Buchan at Quensh, a consultancy specialising in health, safety, environment and quality (HSEQ).

Jonathon also recommended NQA for the third-party certification audit, with Regional Assessor Joe Kelly assigned to the client.

Step #2: Conducting the audit

According to Orca Hygiene, Joe was “friendly, helpful and supportive” – three positive traits of every NQA assessor.

The client successfully achieved ISO 9001 certification, with Joe stating that “Orca Hygiene was one of the best-prepared clients for stages one and two I’ve seen for quite some time. Despite it being the company’s first ISO certification audit, they had already implemented some best practices – almost unheard of! This is a testament to the Orca Hygiene team and the consultant.”

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The core benefits of ISO 9001 certification

The benefits of ISO 9001 vary from one client to another, though they all follow a similar thread.

Discover how ISO 9001 certification has improved the way Orca Hygiene operates – and how it will enable their offering to expand to more blue-chip organisations.

Enhanced efficiency

“Developing a QMS to the ISO 9001 standard means we have a structured framework for enhancing overall efficiency and effectiveness in processes, leading to improved product and service quality.”

Reduced risks

“The ISO 9001 framework helps us identify and mitigate risks, ensuring a proactive approach to problem-solving and continuous improvement.”

Satisfied clients

“ISO 9001 assists in achieving customer satisfaction by ensuring that products and services consistently meet or exceed customer expectations.”

Elevated reputation

“The ISO 9001 certification also boosts our credibility and market competitiveness, demonstrating our commitment to quality and adherence to international standards.”

More efficient, fewer risks, happy clients and a strong reputation: a summary of ISO 9001.

Final thoughts from NQA

NQA thanks Orca Hygiene for sharing their journey to ISO 9001 (Quality Management).

The company’s success highlights the:

  • Value of implementing a robust QMS

  • Benefit of recruiting an expert consultant

  • Advantages of third-party certification with NQA

…and we look forward to seeing what Orca Hygiene achieves next!

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Download a PDF version of Orca Hygiene's case study here.