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Prepare for takeoff: the aerospace AS9104 transition

22 June 2023
Involved in aerospace, space or defence? Join NQA’s Archie Gemmell to learn about the much-anticipated AS9104-1:2022 transition.
The AS9104-1:2022 transition is finally here, with exciting updates for the industry. Discover everything you need for your upcoming transition audit, and get ready to elevate your success.

Need the presentation slides as well? Download them (.PDF format) here.

This video (originally a webinar on 21st June) covers:
  • Key revisions to the AS9104-1 standard

  • How these revisions will impact your business

  • Changes to the audit process and information required

  • What the OCAP tool is (and what it means for you)

  • Timelines and implementation

  • PLUS: an interactive Q&A session

Who is the video for?

  • UK organisations / non-UK organisations (AS91XX are global standards)

  • Existing / potential NQA clients with AS91XX standards currently

  • Organisations looking to gain AS91XX accreditations

Take your business to new heights with the AS9104-1:2022 transition, relying on NQA every step of the way.