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Webinar: OASIS - How To Use It Effectively

21 February 2019
This webinar will give you an outline on how to navigate through the OASIS system and how to gain the most benefit from your subscription and certification. 

Date: 21st February 2019
Time: 3pm GMT / 10am EST

No it’s not the drink or a place in the desert!  The OASIS database stands for the Online Aerospace Supplier Information System and is the aerospace industry certification management tool.  The system was developed by the IAQG (we love an acronym) who are the International Aerospace Quality Group. 

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The IAQG is an international non-profit association under the Belgian law with office registered in Brussels (Belgium).  The IAQG is a cooperative organization within the aerospace & defense industry comprised of 3 sectors (Americas - AAQG, Asia/Pacific - APAQG and Europe - EAQG).

The OASIS database contains a list of suppliers who are certified / registered under the IAQG rules to be in compliance with the aerospace quality management system requirements (AS9100/AS9120/AS9110). 

Gaining access to the database is free and this will allow you to review all registered suppliers, Certification Bodies (such as NQA), Auditors, Training Providers, Accreditation Bodies and others.  All of which have meet the IAQG requirements and are under regular assessment.  If you are not on the database then you are not deemed certified under the scheme requirements.

As part of any organisations AS9100, AS9120 or AS9110 requirements, it is mandatory for them to be listed on the database and for this there is a fee.  The control of who goes on is left with the certification bodies and every assessment record is loaded in the system along with the certificates and also the validity of the certificates themselves.  The Certification Bodies will identify if a certificate is valid, expired or withdrawn from the scheme.

There are additional benefits to being registered on the database and this includes the ability to put their own suppliers on a watchlist which supports in the management of their own supplier approvals and download reports and certificates if required.  You can also give feedback to the certification bodies should suppliers not be addressing concerns or you feel the Certification Body should review some controls during their next scheduled assessment.  There is also an unknown treasure called the Supply Chain Management Handbook which offers lots of practical advice and guides to help you understand and implement scheme requirements.