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Unlocking competitive potential through quality: Celebrating World Quality Day

09 November 2023
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Thursday 9th November 2023 marks World Quality Day, an initiative led by the International Organization of Standardization.

Gain an understanding of the significance of this global campaign and the crucial role of continual quality improvement in your company.

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What is World Quality Day and why does it matter?

World Quality Day, celebrated on Thursday 9th November 2023, is an integral part of World Quality Week (6th November - 12th November), an annual campaign that shines a spotlight on the vital role quality management plays in the success of businesses around the globe. This year, the theme, "Quality: Realising Your Competitive Potential," gets to the heart of how quality can help your business stay ahead in today's ever-changing world.

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The role of quality on achieving competitive advantage

In a world where operational resilience is a necessity, simply being tough isn't enough to guarantee success. What takes you one step closer to that goal are the principles and methods for improving quality through continual improvement.

Quality management is all about making things better. These methods help companies tackle problems quickly and efficiently, enabling them to adapt with speed, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability that sets them apart from the competition.

Take a moment to consider your business: How are you actively enhancing its efficiency and ongoing improvement?

ISO standards: The backbone of quality

ISO standards are like the gold standard of quality. ISO standards are internationally recognised guidelines that set the bar for the best practices and requirements for various products, services, processes, or systems. They are developed and maintained by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to ensure businesses worldwide achieve quality, safety, efficiency, and consistency.

ISO standards may not be on everyone's radar until something goes wrong, but they're your ticket to proactive quality management. These standards don't just make your processes more efficient; they also promote continuous, sustainable improvement.

To dive deeper into ISO standards, read our Back-to-Basics blog post.

Empowering your team with ISO standards

Enhancing your company's performance hinges on developing your team's skills. However, navigating international standards and getting ready to implement them can be a daunting task, no matter the size of your organisation.

ISO training is the key to a strong start, providing expert instruction and practical guidance to boost your knowledge and skills , ultimately improving your performance.

NQA offers training courses that equip individuals and organisations to meet ISO standards, available in both virtual and in-person formats.

Final thoughts from NQA

As we celebrate World Quality Day, it's crucial to remember quality isn't merely a concept; it's a tangible route to success that you can obtain. NQA is ready to partner with you in achieving quality excellence and realising your competitive potential.

Start your journey today by exploring what certifications NQA can offer.

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