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Stay environment-savvy with aspects and impacts

05 October 2023
The business world is rapidly moving towards a cleaner, greener way of working – with ISO 14001 (Environment) helping organisations stay on track.

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Date: Thursday 5th October 2023
Time: 2pm BST / 9am EDT / 6:30pm IST
Duration: 45 mins + Q&A

Governments and businesses are under increasing public pressure to minimise their environmental footprint and promote sustainable development.

Introducing ISO 14001 (Environment): the management system helping organisations identify, manage, and control activities that have an environmental impact.

What will the webinar cover?

  • An outline of ISO 14001

  • How ISO 14001 can help boost public image, confidence, and long-term success

  • Definitions of ‘aspects’ and ‘impacts’, with examples

  • The procedure for creating an aspects and impacts register

  • PLUS: an interactive Q&A session

Who is the webinar for?

  • UK organisations / non-UK organisations (ISO 14001 is a global standard)

  • Existing / potential NQA clients considering ISO 14001

  • Existing NQA clients looking to improve their ISO 14001 management system

  • Organisations at any stage of their environmental journey

Which NQA expert will deliver the webinar?

  • Richard Walsh (Principal Assessor for Energy and Environment)

Make the environment a priority, with every aspect and impact under your organisation’s watchful eye.

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