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AS9100, AS9110 and AS9120 are the International Standards for Aerospace Quality Management Systems.

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Process Effectiveness, Customer Satisfaction, Product Improvement, Supply Chain Access, Entry onto the IAQG Online Aerospace Supplier Information System (OASIS database).

Please note: The aerospace standards are undergoing a major revision in keeping with the changes being made to the ISO 9001 standard - click here to keep up to date.


The AS series of standards is the quality management systems standard applicable to companies that supply to the aerospace and defense industries. These standards incorporate all of ISO 9001 with additional industry specific requirements for aerospace. NQA offers all three of the AS series of standards:

  • AS9100 is for organizations that design and manufacture products for the aerospace industry including parts, components and assemblies.
  • AS9110 is for repair stations and is based on AS9100 but adds specific requirements that are critical for the maintenance of commercial, private, and military aircrafts. 
  • AS9120 is for stockists and distributors of parts to manufacturers that supply the aerospace industry. This standard addresses the chain of custody, traceability, stock control and availability of records.


AS is right for you and your organization if you want to gain access to the global aerospace supply chain and demonstrate your commitment to the highest standards of quality in aerospace manufacture and supply.

We have certified a wide range of suppliers and innovators in the sector including industry leaders such as NASA, Boeing, Raytheon and the European Space Agency.

“The safety critical nature of our work means that quality is the highest priority to us in everything that we do. Our certification body NQA makes a positive input to this by understanding the on call nature of our business and by applying a cost effective and consistently high standard of audit surveillance across our multi-site organization.” Quality Director, Caparo Testing Technologies

The industry landscape is always changing. These changes have impacts to your customer needs and require the evolution of your management system. Considerations include:

  • Changing Regulatory Needs
  • Global Outsourcing
  • Evolving Customer Requirements
  • Shorter Delivery Deadlines
  • Integrity Threats in the Supply Chain
  • Flow Down of Requirements to the Lowest Levels of the Supply Chain


  • Global recognition as a reputable supplier. Certification is recognised and accepted throughout the aerospace supply chain as an industry benchmark.
  • Customer satisfaction. Deliver products that consistently meet customer requirements.
  • Reduced operating costs. Improvement of processes and operational efficiencies means money saved.
  • Improved stakeholder relationships. Staff, customers and suppliers will respond well to positive change.
  • Legal compliance. Understand how statutory and regulatory requirements impact the organization and its customers.
  • Improved risk management. Greater consistency and traceability of products and services means problems are easier to avoid and rectify.
  • Proven business credentials. Independent verification against a globally recognised industry standard speaks volumes.
  • Ability to win more business. Aerospace procurement specifications require certification as a condition to supply, so certification is essential
  • Access to large OEM’s. All companies registered to an Aerospace standard are listed in the OASIS database.

“MOYOLA has used NQA services for many years and has a sound supply chain relationship. When the assessor comes on site he understands the business and has a free hand in validating the evidence he needs. I think this helps him experience the open and honest culture and MOYOLA in turn benefits from his advanced knowledge and experience.” Business Support Director, MOYOLA


Application for registration is made by completing the Aerospace Quote Request Form. This provides information about your organization so we can accurately define the scope of assessment.

Assessment to AS9100/AS9110/AS9120 is undertaken by NQA - this consists of two mandatory visits that form the Initial Certification Audit.
Certification is issued by NQA and maintained through a programme of annual surveillance audits and a three yearly recertification audit. Initial Certification Audit (conducted in accordance with AS9101).

For further information on the audit stages click here.


Technical committees and industry relationships.  NQA is highly involved in a wide variety of industry committees and standards writing teams, helping us to maintain an awareness of changes within this industry.  These committees include the International Americas Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG) and the Americas Aerospace Quality Group (AAQG).
Knowledge transfer supporting our customers’ organizational strategy. Recognized world-wide as “The Aerospace Certification Body,” NQA is committed to ensuring customer awareness regarding changes in industry strategy, regulations, and standard requirements that may impact your management system approach.  Satisfied customers include The Boeing Company, NASA, L-3 Communications, Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Cessna, and the European Space Agency.


The Standard - Obtain a copy of the relevant AS standard and the supporting standard AS9101 from SAE. These provide the detailed requirements that your management system must comply with. 

Gap Analysis - We can undertake a gap analysis in accordance with AS9101 to help you determine the likely workload and timescale for implementing a quality management system that will achieve AS certification. You can use this to plan implementation or brief a consultant.
Consultancy - We don't provide consultancy but we can help you choose a reputable consultant from the NQA Associate Consultant Register.
Get a Quote - We'll give you a clear indication of the costs of gaining and maintaining certification, contact our sales team directly or complete a Quick Quote form online here.


We can advise you on how to achieve certification, related training, useful resources and finding a reputable consultant.

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