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The IATF 16949 standard emphasizes the development of a process-oriented quality management system. Find out more!

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WHAT IS IATF 16949:2016?

IATF 16949:2016 was jointly developed by The International Automotive Task Force (IATF) members and submitted to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for approval and publication. The document is a common automotive quality system requirement based on ISO 9001, and customer specific requirements from the automotive sector.

IATF 16949 emphasizes the development of a process-oriented quality management system that provides for:

  • continual improvement
  • defect prevention
  • reduction of variation and waste in the supply chain

The goal is to meet customer requirements efficiently and effectively.


The IATF is a group of automotive manufacturers and their respective trade associations, formed to provide improved quality products to automotive customers worldwide.  The IATF members include:

BMW Group, Chrysler Group, Daimler AG, Fiat Group Automobile, Ford Motor Company, General Motors Company, PSA Peugeot Citroen, Renault SA, Volkswagen AG, AIAG (U.S.), ANFIA (Italy), FIEV (France), SMMT (U.K.), VDA (Germany).


Customer satisfaction. Deliver products that consistently meet customer requirements.
Reduced operating costs. Continual improvement of processes and resulting operational efficiencies mean money saved.
Improved stakeholder relationships. Improve the perception of your organization with staff, customers and suppliers.
Improved risk management. Gain a greater understanding of organizational risks; focus on consistency and traceability of products to help prevent problems.
Proven business credentials. Independent verification against recognized standards speaks volumes.
Open doors to win more business. Procurement specifications often require certification as a prerequisite for suppliers, particularly in a highly regulated sector.

Changing Industry Landscape and Expectations

The industry landscape is always changing. These changes have impacts to your customer needs and require the evolution of your management system. Considerations include:

  • Changing Regulatory Needs
  • Global Outsourcing
  • Evolving Customer Requirements
  • Shorter Delivery Deadlines
  • Integrity Threats in the Supply Chain

How NQA Can Help

With a wealth of experience providing accredited management systems certifications, NQA is ideally placed to partner with you to meet customer requirements and exceed industry expectations.

Technical committees and industry relationships. NQA is highly involved in a wide variety of industry committees and standards writing teams, helping us to maintain a keen awareness of changes within this industry.
Knowledge transfer supporting our customer’s organizational strategy. NQA is committed to ensuring customer awareness regarding changes in industry strategy, regulations, and standard requirements that may impact your management system approach.


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