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Dates and Schedule

NQA Transition Conference 2017

Join us at our 1 day transition conference covering the changes to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, TL 9000:2016 and the impact of ISO 9001:2015 changes on AS9100 “D”.

Topics may vary depending on location, please check above. 

The cost is only $495.00 per person and includes lunch and event materials.

Proposed Conference Agenda

8.30am  Registration/Continental Breakfast
9 - 10.30am Revision Overview - Annex SL & Requirement Changes
10.30 - 10.45am Break
10.45 - 12pm ISO 9001:2015 - Changes in Detail & Planning for Implementation
12 - 1pm Lunch (included in price)
1 - 2pm ISO 9001:2015 - Changes in Detail (continued)
2 - 2:15pm  Break
2:15 - 4:30pm  Afternoon Tracks (Please note:  ISO 14001 will be a full day track

Please note: ISO 14001 will be a full day track.

Detailed Agenda 

Morning all together session includes:

Annex SL Review - During this interactive session, the speaker will review the requirements of the new “Annex SL” format of ISO 9001:2015, particularly where “Risk-based Thinking” is applicable. Participants will receive a workbook to make notes of key issues for planning and implementing their successful transition. 

Auditing and Risk-based Thinking - With an increased focus of the ISO 9001:2015 requirements on risk, this session will discuss changes in audit programs and auditing techniques which may be necessary to comply with the ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

PLEASE NOTE: Afternoon sessions vary depending on which day/location. They run at the same time and you will need to choose one to attend: 

The ISO 9001:2015 Changes and Planning for Implementation - This interactive session will take a look at the key changes in the 2015 version and how to plan for their implementation. The use of a Transition Checklist (provided) will help attendees to capture key thoughts and considerations to ensure their organizations are successful by the 2018 deadline for upgrading.

Transitioning to ISO 14001:2015 -  The ISO 14001:2004 Standard is being retired on September 15th 2018. Transitioning to the new 14001:2015 version is well underway and many companies have already successfully completed the transition. 

This session will be conducted in an interactive classroom environment using the NQA Pre-assessment Checklist as the catalyst to encourage group discussion and breakout activities for everyone. It is strongly recommended that you bring a copy of the “14001:2015 - International standard” and “14004:2016 - General guidelines on implementation”. 

At the completion of the course you should be able to understand the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 and how to apply these requirements to your unique management system. Additionally, other ISO 14000 series standards will be introduced and referenced to enhance your complete understanding of ISO 14001:2015 themes. 

TL 9000:2016 (R6) Changes and Planning for Implementation - This interactive session, customized for the attendees, will build on the day’s earlier ISO 9001:2015 review activities by digging into all of the TL-specific changes in R6 and how to plan for their implementation. The use of a Transition Checklist (provided) will help attendees to capture key thoughts and considerations to ensure their organizations are successful by the 2018 deadline for upgrading. NQA’s R6 transition process will also be discussed.

The Impact of ISO 9001:2015 Changes on AS9100 “D” - With the recent release of AS9100:2016 (AS9100D), your aerospace quality management system will need to undergo significant changes. Some of those changes can be found in the base standard, ISO 9001:2015 but a number of changes have been made to the aerospace, space and defense specific adders. This review, led by NQA’s Aerospace expert will enable clients to anticipate and plan for these changes.

Discounted Standards

NQA is also offering copies of the ISO 9001:2015 standard as an option to enhance your transition training experience. 

All certified organizations should have a copy of ISO 9001:2015 to fully grasp the changes made to the standard and to base their QMS upon.  Having the standard in hand to review during the conference will not only help you identify where changes were made, but also help visualize the transition you organization will need to make.  The standard will include the full text of the 2015 edition, along with clarifying guidance on many of the new terms and concepts, supporting reference to other ISO QMS standards, and an NQA insert cross-referencing the correlation between the 2008 and 2015 editions.   

The retail price of the ISO 9001:2015 standard is $175, but as a customer service NQA will provide a copy with your conference registration for only $139.

Accomodation Deal

Milpitas - Please use this link:
The 24-hour toll free number to call is: 1-888-233-9527. Please mention your group name, "NQA Transition Conference" in order to honor the special group rate. The deadline to make the reservations (cut-off date) is on June 1, 2017 at 12:00 noon.

Las Vegas - Please use this link:  The room rate is $129.
The number to call is 877-385-3885 and the group code they will want to refer to is RNQAC.

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