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What are PRP’s - Prerequisite Programmes?

18 September 2020
You often hear, “what are your PRP’s?” or “show me some evidence that you are controlling your PRP’s?” Often we use jargon a bit too much and rarely does someone say “what does that mean?”

Definition from ISO 22000:2018:

Prerequisite Programme (PRP): “Basic conditions and activities that are necessary within the organization (3.31) and throughout the food chain (3.20) to maintain food safety”



PRP’s are applicable throughout the food chain

The ISO/TS 22002 publications are technical specifications intended to support food safety management systems, control food safety hazards and particularly support the ISO 22000 Standard. These technical specifications can be used by all parts of the food chain to support their current Management systems.

PRP’s are hazards which need to be controlled which are not necessarily managed within the HACCP plan or process flows. Such as Pest Control, Waste Disposal and Personnel Hygiene.

ISO/TS 22002:     

  • Part 1 – Food Manufacturing

  • Part 2 – Catering

  • Part 3 – Farming

  • Part 4 – Food Packaging

  • Part 5 – Transport & Storage

  • Part 6 – Feed and Animal Food Production

Let’s look at part 5 of ISO/TS 22002 which relates to the Transport and Storage of Food...

These organizations are involved in the transportation network and are to ensure that ingredients, packaging or final products reach their destination in good condition. The organizations range from very small (man on bike) to very large hauliers with many different forms of transport or storage areas.

Transport & storage organizations play a huge part in our food chain

There has been huge demand for food delivery in 2020 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic... are all of these delivery options following requirements such as ISO/TS 22002 part 5? This is a question I have asked when I see someone on their bike delivering fast food.

At what temperature is the food being transported? How long can it be kept at that temperature? How often is the cool bag being cleaned? And with what? Does the delivery person wash their hands regularly? Do they open the packaging for any reason?

Perhaps this is just me because of the job that I do; but I would feel more comfortable knowing that the requirements of ISO/TS 22002 are being considered and met.

FSSC 22000 is a GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) recognised Standard and includes the relevant ISO/TS 22002 part applicable to the organization.

NQA are accredited to certify organizations to FSSC 22000 & ISO 22000. We also offer unaccredited HACCP and GMP certification which can include the ISO/TS 22002 range of Standards.