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Tips for Spotting Fake Certificates

20 August 2020
ABCB has worked with IAF CMC and IAF DMC to produce the following videos to help buyers identify what they should be aware of when verifying a certificate or product.

How to verify an ISO 13485 Certificate

This video takes you through how you can successfully identify an ISO 13485 certificate, in order to make sure the medical devices you are purchasing are authentic. 

For manufacturers, the requirements for medical devices quality management systems are detailed in ISO 13485 standard. It is important for buyers to know if the medical devices conform to an internationally recognized standard, as non-conforming medical devices can pose a risk to the health of the public.

10 Tips on How to Identify Counterfeit Certificates

In this video we go through 10 top tips on how to identify a counterfeit certificate. There is an increase in the issue of fake certificates and products entering the market during this pandemic, this is a particular concern throughout the world that could hinder the process of fighting the virus.

During the COVID-19 outbreak there were reports of fake certificates that were used to sell sub-standard medical devices, PPE, masks, sanitizers etc, that could put in danger the life of people around the world. UK officials have already seized millions of sub-standard face masks and thousands of fake hand sanitizers that could have put millions at risk of contracting the virus.

ISO 13485 Management Systems vs. Product Certification

There are 5 differences between the two main types of medical devices certification, management systems certification and product certification. This video will take you through each of the 5 differences in detail.
  • Object of the audit
  • The certificate and the certifier
  • Examination of the product’s design and development
  • Relation to the specification of the manufactured products
  • What the certification indicates

If you need any help from NQA you can get in contact with us via our contact us form to check the validity of NQA certificates.

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