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ISO 9001:2015 Essentials Overview Webinar

23 11월 2015
Quality Management Systems Assessor, gives an overview of the changes to ISO 9001:2015.

In this webinar, Dr Margaret Rooney, Quality Management Systems Assessor, gives an overview of the changes to ISO 9001:2015.

Margaret explains:

  • New concepts and terminology
  • Specific new clauses and requirements
  • Practical implications for maintaining certification
  • Transition timelines and notable dates.

To get the most value from this webinar, we recommend that you first join the Transition Essentials Webinar which introduces the new ISO 9001 structure contained in Annex SL.

Although this webinar was completed whilst the standard was at FDIS stage, NQA have evaluated the changes between the FDIS and the publication of the standard to be deemed as minor and therefore do not affect the technical aspects of this webinar.
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Who is Margaret Rooney?

Margaret has been a Regional Assessor with NQA since 2008, specialising in QMS and EMS auditing. She has, more recently, been actively involved in helping assessors prepare for the ISO9001:2015 transition.

Prior to joining NQA, Margaret spent 18 years at Cranfield University, where she completed a PhD in Quality Assurance, and progressed to Senior Lecturer.

Responsibilities included development work in applying the principles of ISO9001 to services and public services, and course director of an MSc in Quality Management. She then spent seven years with the Environment Agency as an Environmental Management Advisor in the Anglian Region. Responsibilities included ensuring compliance to environmental legislation, and maintenance of the ISO14001 system at regional level.