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Remote Audit Preparation

What is a remote audit?

A remote audit is one that is conducted partially or completely off site. The audit will cover everything that is usually covered on site but uses technology to support the Assessor when a site visit is not possible / appropriate.

What should I expect?

The remote audit will typically be the same duration as your onsite audit. You will need to be available at all times and will be dialled into a conference call for most of the audit duration.

Remote audits are also best delivered using screen share. This reduces the amount of data and information transferred between your organisation and NQA. You may be asked to email documents to the Assessor for review. Any information you send us will be managed in accordance to our confidentiality and data privacy policies, which are available on our website and within the NQA Rules Related to Registration.

Further information

Find out what you need to be preparaed for your remote audit, what/who you need to make available, what will happen if technology lets you down on the day, and what will happen if the remote audit cannot cover everything in your audit plan. 

Download your copy of our Remote Audit guidance document here:

Download your Remote Auditing guidance document here!