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The Regulations Relating to Registration define the contract between NQA and its clients outlining:

  • key elements of the certification service
  • payment terms and charges
  • complaints and appeals process

The Regulations take account of specific criteria of NQA's accreditors including the provision of a complaints procedure and appeals process. 


Regulations Relating to Registration: this document explains the terms and conditions applicable to our management systems certification service.

Inspection Schemes Matrix for Regulations: this document should be read with the Regulations Relating to Registration - it explains the additional specific requirements for Inspection Schemes.

Complaints Procedure: this document explains how we manage customer complaints

Appeals Process: this document explains how we manage appeals against certification decisions.


NQA maintains and makes publically accessible a directory of valid certifications. Please contact us to make an enquiry about specific certifications including validity, suspension or withdrawal.


If you have any questions about the Regulations, Payment Terms of rules please contact us.

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