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Drive the transport industry forward with ISO certification

24 August 2023
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Is your organisation involved in the field of transport? Are you seeking new ways to appeal to supply chain partners and stakeholders? ISO certification might be the key, NQA Regional Assessor Brandon Solomon explains.

The challenge: Standing out in the transport industry

We all rely on different modes of transport on a daily basis.

From getting to work on time to receiving that overnight package delivery, transport keeps everything moving (quite literally).

But the world of transport is much bigger than people might expect. It covers service providers directly involved in air, road, sea and rail, plus related services such as warehousing and packaging.

With so many logistical partners dedicated to quality and efficiency, it’s often tricky for organisations like yours to stand out from competitors.

Keep reading to explore how ISO certification can fuel the success of your organisation (and beyond).

The solution: Achieving globally recognised ISO

Every organisation recognises the importance of reputation. Those involved in the multi-trillion-dollar transport industry are no exception.

Achieving ISO certification can be a fantastic way to boost your organisation’s credibility and status.

It proves that your management system works, with the stamp of approval from a third-party certification body like NQA.

Before we delve into the benefits of ISO certification, let’s look at some of the most popular ISO standards in transport. 

Not sure which ISO standard is best for your organisation? Get in touch with NQA to find out today!

The benefits: Transforming your organisation

Organisational benefit #1: Improved efficiency

ISO certification emphasises that your organisation is efficient (i.e. creating the output without wasting resources like time and money).

So, what do efficient processes lead to?

  • Streamlined operations

  • Reduced waste

  • Optimised resource utilisation

…resulting in cost-savings and increased productivity for the organisation.

Organisational benefit #2: Enhanced reputation

By striving for ISO certification, your organisation demonstrates its commitment to quality, safety and compliance with international standards.

This can enhance your reputation on a local and even global scale. With a strong reputation comes added appeal, with stakeholders feeling inspired to come (and stay) on board.

Organisational benefit #3: Competitive advantage

Having an ISO certificate to your organisation’s name can create a competitive edge over non-certified competitors.

The certificate is proof that the organisation works in line with:

  • Best practices

  • International standards

  • Regulatory requirements

The outcome? Stakeholders view the organisation as more desirable in the eyes of customers.

Organisational benefit #4: Risk mitigation

ISO certification evidences that your organisation takes risk and mitigation strategies seriously. 

Having a management system in place shows you proactively identify and address potential risks. Not only that, but you prepare for unforeseen events and emergencies.

In the eyes of ISO standards, it’s not about what happens – but how your organisation responds.

Organisational benefit #5: Continual improvement

Being ISO-certified helps promote a culture of continual improvement within your organisation by:

  • Setting objectives

  • Measuring performance

  • Conducting regular audits

…you have the opportunity to find and focus on areas of improvement.

The benefits: Satisfying your customers

Customer benefit #1: Quality assurance

ISO certification assures customers that your organisation delivers consistent, high-quality services.

Customers have trust in their needs getting met, whether this means getting to work at 9am or landing at the airport on time.

Customer benefit #2: Safety and security

ISO standards often address safety and security concerns.

Keeping in line with these standards shows your organisation is committed to:

  • Protecting customer interests

  • Reducing risks (such as accidents)

  • Ensuring the safety of goods and passengers

Customer benefit #3: Customer satisfaction

It’s not uncommon for ISO certification to translate into boosted customer satisfaction.

By focusing on quality, efficiency and continual improvement, you can expect:

  • Better customer experiences

  • Timely deliveries

  • Effective problem resolution

The benefits: Accelerating the industry

Industry benefit #1: Standardisation

By achieving ISO certification, your organisation represents an industry devoted to:

  • Greater consistency in day-to-day operations

  • Easier exchanges between organisations

  • Facilitating collaboration and knowledge-sharing

Industry benefit #2: Regulations compliance

ISO certification demonstrates your organisation’s compliance with regulations. This image of integrity and reliability reflects well on the industry, too.

A prominent topic currently in transport is the road to net zero – something that ISO standards like ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and ISO 50001 (Energy Management) can assist with.

Industry benefit #3: Industry reputation

When multiple organisations in the transport industry achieve ISO certification, it bolsters the overall industry.

Looking at the bigger picture, this can:

  • Attract further investment

  • Foster stakeholder trust

  • Strengthen market positioning

A win for the industry, a win for your supply chain partners, and a win for your organisation!

Final thoughts from NQA

ISO certification is something organisations of all sizes and industries can achieve, including those in the transport industry.

Whether you are a direct service provider or offer related services, having an ISO standard to your name can benefit everyone.

  • The organisation: Improves efficiency, reputation and competitiveness.

  • The customers: Provides quality assurance, safety and satisfaction.

  • The industry: Contributes to standardisation, compliance and reputation.

Discover what ISO standards can do for your organisation, customers and the industry here.

Not sure what ISO standard is best for you? Get in touch with our certification experts today.