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NQA Achieves Accreditation for CMS

19 December 2022
We are pleased to announce that in November NQA gained UKAS accreditation for CMS (Competence Management System) certification.

CMS is a technical scheme developed by Energy & Utility Skills that enables operators to comply with environmental permits by demonstrating the technical competent management of their permitted activities. The scheme, which is approved by Defra and the Environment Agency (EA) amongst others, is based on the principle that the individual competence of all employees contributes to the overall performance of a site. It can be used by any company, from any industry, that is required to demonstrate technical competence for their permit.

The system is accredited by UKAS, the UK’s National Accreditation Body, and with newly introduced legislation requiring all applicable waste facilities to have written management and technical competence conditions applied, CMS is being rapidly adopted as an industry benchmark.

“I’m really pleased to see that NQA meets the rigorous standards that UKAS have in place for CMS auditing, and look forward supporting businesses throughout the UK as they endeavour to raise the bar of competence and efficiency within their workforce.” Sam Johnson, Field Operations Manager

CMS can be integrated with other management systems, and enables operators to:

  • Satisfy the competence condition of your environmental permit

  • Remove the reliance on one specific individual being technically competent and being present on site

  • Identify skills gaps and develop operational consistency across sites

  • Reduce incident response time and risk of site downtime

Find out more about CMS Certification here.