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Ensuring food safety culture in manufacturing

17 May 2023
Watch NQA’s Food Certification Manager, Maria Constable, cover what food safety culture is – and what food manufacturers need to implement within their organisation.

Need the presentation slides as well? Download them (.PDF format) here.

The video (originally a webinar on 16th May 2023) runs through the importance of food safety culture, making it an ideal watch in preparation for the food safety standards updates coming later this year.

The video is for any food manufacturer:

  • With (or looking to achieve) ISO 22000, FSSC and/or HACCP

  • Interested in maintaining a successful management system

What does the video include?

  • The concept and importance of food safety culture

  • What ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ food safety culture looks like

  • How the culture of an organisation can affect product safety

  • Tips and techniques to help create a healthy food safety culture

  • Engaging stakeholders during meetings and management reviews

  • How third parties audit food safety culture (such as NQA)

We hope you enjoy watching the food safety culture webinar – and that you learn something new today!