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ISO 14001:2015 - Definitive Interpretations

26 June 2020
Watch a pre-recorded presentation designed to help clarify the intent of various clauses of ISO 14001:2015 (Environmental).

The ISO process allows for interpretations to be provided by each National Member Body (BSI in the UK). These interpretations are then published to help those who implement and/or assess the standard and are the definitive responses to any areas requiring additional clarification.

The first set of these interpretations were published several months ago, however we are still finding some misunderstandings around these areas.

Interpretations are also known as ‘clarifications of intent’ They are issued so as to:
  • Provide an understanding of requirements as intended during drafting
  • Ensure consistency of interpretation.
  • They do not modify clause requirements
This webinar, hosted by NQA’s Principal Environment and Energy Assessor, Richard Walsh, will explore the issues covered and provide guidance and clarification on the 16 questions where a definitive interpretation was provided.

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