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60 Seconds With Keelan Burke

19 July 2019
Keelan is our new IT guru and is on a mission to demonstrate how important good cyber security is for every business regardless of size or industry.

What is your role?

I have recently joined the NQA Dunstable office as an IT Systems Specialist. Although I have only been with NQA for two months I have been working in IT for 12 years now.

My role involves making sure that all the IT systems for NQA UK and NQA India are running smoothly and effectively and that all users are able to work efficiently. This includes looking after and monitoring servers, laptops, desk phones, mobile phones and networking. If it has a plug and a power button, I am probably involved in some way.

I am the sole point of contact based in the UK for both office and remote workers if they experience any technical issues day-to-day.

Most memorable moment at work?

I enjoyed taking part in the Armed Forces Day and Reserves Day celebrations held towards the end of June by the office to mark the company's support of the UK's service men and women. It's something that NQA clearly take pride in as we have also achieved the Silver Award in the Armed Forces Covenant Employer Recognition Scheme and employ a number of ex-service personnel.

Favourite things about working for NQA?

This definitely seems to be a trending theme but it's got to be my colleagues. From the day I arrived I have been made to feel really welcome and even though I have only been here just a short time, it feels like I have been working here much longer. Both the office based staff and the auditors have really gone out of their way to make me feel comfortable and valued.

Top tip for people looking at certification?

One of the issues that I am involved in from an IT perspective is cyber security. It's recently become very prominent in the media following companies like Google and British Airways receiving huge fines for allegedly breaching GDPR regulations. There is so much more to it though and I am a huge advocate of cyber security as best practise for all organizations. Taking a look at ISO 27001 is a great starting point to help get you on the way to becoming a much more secure business and shows you are taking action to reduce and minimise risks and protect your company and client data.

How might you be able to help our readers?

It's my role to make sure that all things tech are working efficiently for NQA and we all know that sometimes technology can be a little challenging and temperamental so please do get in touch if you come across any issues whilst trying to get in contact with the team either via our website or phones and I will endeavour to fix it!