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Arizona Laundries Famagusta Ltd Case Study

10 June 2022
Arizona Laundries Famagusta Ltd is a family run, small-medium sized company, first established in 1969 in the now occupied Northern Cyprus by Turkish troops, Famagusta.

Standards: In 1978 the company reopened in Paralimni, with a small 600sq.m. laundry and 4 small second hand washing machines. Today in their renovated factory (2500sqm), 50 tons of textiles are being processed daily and delivered all around Cyprus. Laundering services are offered in the hotel & catering industry. Simplified solutions are also introduced with their linen hire system. Approximately 80-120 employees (seasonal) are employed through-out the year.

Achieving a professional, quality service with reliability and punctuality, is a non-stop priority for Arizona Laundries. This is mainly due to the numerous innovations that the company has developed and is still developing, as well as the absorption of know-how from German laundering companies.

Washing is done with environmentally friendly detergents which are fed into the washing machines with dosing pumps that guarantee the disinfection of the linen. Their correct functioning is monitored by their supplier's chemical engineers, and in combination with the installation of new type "tunnel washers" the cleanliness, whiteness and longevity of the linen is also ensured. The installation of the new ironers ensure the ironing and folding of linen and tablecloths is of a consistently high quality and eliminates the risk of possible damage to the customer's property.  All linens are packed and placed on trolleys, counted and delivered to the customer. The  company has made many innovations over the years, including the recycling of primary and secondary steam to maximise utilization.

Along with the washing of linen, the company has its own linen business under the name  “Arizona Linen Ltd”, which it rents to hotels, restaurants or individuals and there is also the sewing service where the repair of uniforms or sewing to order is undertaken.
Arizona Laundry holds a number of certifications through NQA Cyprus; ISO 14001 demonstrates their commitment to the environment and to recycling. Maintaining their processes and high quality production have been achieved through certification to ISO 9001, and continuous improvement for safety and health in the workplace is ensured through ISO 45001.

With the expansion of the business, the integration of systems for better control was necessary. All procedures, manuals and forms have been integrated under a single management system for easy monitoring and to avoid unnecessary bureaucracy. In this way, the system became more user-friendly as well.

This commitment to continual improvement, as well as to customer satisfaction, has enabled them to grow over the years to hold a massive 43% of the Cypriot market share.

1969: The steam washing and cleaning company “Arizona” is founded in Famagusta
1978: The Company reopens under the name “Arizona Laundries Famagusta Ltd” on the main road between Paralimni and Ayia Napa in a space of 500sq.m.

1983: with the rapid development of the tourism industry, the company expanded its facilities to 1,200sq.m.

1986: The Company introducing the first tunnel washing machine in Cyprus.

1990: The reorganization and upgrading of the company begins

1999: The Company is the first one in Cyprus to implement the Linen Rental system "Linen Hire".
2002: Extension of the building to 2,650sq.m. and replacement of old machinery with modern technology ones.

2003: The Company becomes an honorary member of the German Laundry Association "Dobelkreis”.

2004: Achieves quality certification as per ISO 9001.

2006: The Company begins processing of used frying oil to produce biofuel for the company's fleet.
2007: The Company’s certification with the environmental “Green Globe Global” becomes a reality.
2009: Disinfection of linen during washing is applied.
2016: Replacement of production line machinery with new ones

2017: Health and Safety and Environmental Management certification is achieved as per OHSAS 18001 and ISO 14001.

2021: Final face of renovations, including offices and delivery area, is completed. Also Health and Safety certification as per ISO 45001 is achieved.

Our German associates, who visit us from time to time, always stressed the importance and necessity of standardization and certification.

With the implementation of the standards, better control of procedures and documents was achieved, and new key metrics for the company were introduced, such as measurement of customer satisfaction, assessment and recording of environmental and workplace hazards as well as the recording of corrective actions.

The standardization of the procedures also helped them to assign clear duties and responsibilities to all staff members as well as to actively involve the staff and especially the department heads in all the company's process.

"Our efforts for continuous improvement at all levels do not stop here. Soon we will move forward with administrative empowerment and environmental pioneering investments that will lead to the acquisition of more prestigious customers. We believe that customer’s satisfaction comes through adaptation of needs and a reliable professional service. Staying committed to the family run business, we succeed a personal approach and a constant healthy growth. We endlessly strive to achieve the best quality and service with the means of the latest technology. Accepting challenges, born through times, is a must, so we innovate and invest”.
Savvas Kyrillou – Founder and CEO