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60 Seconds with Amardeep C.K

26 February 2019
Amardeep is the Head of Business Development in NQA’s India office in Bangalore He's spoken to us about his most memorable achievements and what he enjoys most about the industry...

What is your role?

I am the Head of Business Development in NQA’s India office in Bangalore. My role includes working as a brand ambassador to NQA which is essential for developing new clients and improving and maintaining our relationship with existing clients and consultants. My main focus is to develop excellent client partnerships and drive individual Sales Executives to achieve their targets for certification and training business through technical knowledge and promotion of the NQA services.

Most memorable moment at work?

It was a very happy moment in my career when following discussion and presentations with one of our largest Aerospace clients, Boeing India, they informed us that we had won the contract and would be working with them in the future. It’s nice to see the hard work of the team pay off. This was also apparent in our team success statistics last year. My main pride is working with clients that appreciate the great services NQA offers.

Favourite things about working for NQA?

There are four main points that stand out for me:

  • Organizational integrity – our organization operates under and honest and reliable culture that makes me proud to work here.
  • Quality auditing - We have some of the best auditors in the industry with a varying skillset and in-depth knowledge.
  • Professional training – Alongside certification we also offer a great range of training courses to help you implement, integrate and improve your skills for our most popular standards.
  • Personal and professional growth – NQA offer their staff the opportunity to grow and develop within the business.

Top tip for people looking at certification?

My top tip for companies looking into gaining certification would be to try and achieve consistency and uniformity across your core business processes. This way you can more easily identify areas where improvements need to be made and enables you to minimize risk.

How might you be able to help our readers?

My focus is to help our readers by giving you the knowledge and tools to improve your processes and systems in place and guide you by recommending relevant certification standards and training applicable for your industry or services.