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Preparing for the Future of AS9100

25 March 2015
NQA has a strong understanding of the emerging challenges facing the global aerospace supply chain and the need for enhanced certification based solutions.

Industry Risks

  • Broader Internationalization of ASD Supply Chain
  • Expanded Capability and Capacity Needs in the Supply Chain
  • Emerging Supply Chain Threats from Counterfeit Parts and IT Security

Emergent issues

  • Counterfeit parts
  • Risk based controls
  • IT security
  • Sub-tier control
  • NC escape prevention
  • DPD / MBD
  • CM Focus


  • Need For More Controls Deeper in the Supply Chain
  • Development of New Quality/Process Control Methods


The ASD Industry and associated supply chain continue to face emerging challenges from a variety of sources. NQA strives to work with the ASD industry to enhance the focus of Certification based solutions in support of addressing these risks. These efforts involve:

  • IAQG Committee work
  • standards writing
  • support of industry auditor training
  • SCMH technical inputs

This knowledge and effort is expanded within NQA’s operations and audit staff to ensure early and enhanced focus is applied within the auditing and certification processes.


NQA is one of the world’s leading certification bodies. Since 1988, we’ve provided direct support to IAQG / AAQG / ANAB accredited third party assessments initiatives and over 16 years of ASD management systems certification. Throughout that time, NQA’s reputation has been one of solid partnership and technical excellence with a straightforward approach.

NQA’s philosophy is to approach each audit with an in-depth, objective, “tough-but-fair” assessment that tests the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s management system. NQA supplies responsive and reliable service as we possess a strong company culture that promotes excellence in customer-focused service. We have extensive experience and stability, which we leverage to build long-term trusting partnerships with our clients.


We provide a comprehensive range of testing, inspection and certification services, including:

  • AS9100 – Aerospace quality management
  • AS9110 – Aerospace repair depots
  • AS9120 – Aerospace distribution
  • AS5553 / AS6081 – Counterfeit electronic parts
  • ISO 28001 – Supply chain security
  • TL 9000 – Telecommunications
  • ISO 27001 – Information security
  • and many more…

Contact us​

Contact our business advisors about aerospace certification services on 0800 052 2424 or email info@nqa.com.