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Strengthening the Fight against Bribery with Information Security Management

14 May 2024
Hear from NQA's Director of Information Security, Business Continuity and Compliance in NQA Spain, Serafin Alvarez, who discusses how, in today’s technology-driven world, where information is an asset of incalculable value, the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) is crucial.

In addition to protecting your data, your client’s and your customer’s, a security management system like ISO 27001 significantly strengthens anti-bribery management systems, such as those from ISO 37001.

Mishandling corporate and personal information not only compromises security and privacy, but can also become a weapon for bribery and corrupt activities.

In this context, the correct classification of information, as stipulated in control 5.12 of ISO 27001:2022, becomes an essential tool to protect your business and your reputation from these threats.

This control specifies that information must be classified according to the information security needs of the organisation, based on confidentiality, integrity, availability and the requirements of relevant interested parties.

This approach not only promotes a clear understanding of information protection needs that are specific to your organisation, but also establishes a robust framework for bribery prevention.

By classifying information into categories, you will establish appropriate protective controls that not only address business needs to share or restrict information, but also meet legal requirements for confidentiality, integrity, and availability. This consistent classification, aligned with specific access control policies, reduces the possibility of information being misused or being subject to bribery.

A commitment to fight bribery

I am convinced that the adoption of an ISMS in accordance with ISO 27001:2022 is more than an information security measure. It is a strategic declaration of commitment to business ethics and the fight against bribery.

Organisations that adopt these standards not only safeguard their most valuable assets, but also position themselves as responsible and transparent leaders in the global marketplace, making business better for you, and your customers.

To learn more about ISO 37001, the Anti-Bribery Management Systems standard, and how it will benefit you and your business, click here.

We certify ISO 37001 globally, meaning that our professionally trained, UKAS-accredited auditors have experience in every type of business and industry, from the UK to the USA and China, the UAE to South America. 

Speak to the team to learn how you can certify your business to ISO 37001 or incorporate it with an existing Information Security Management Systems standard like ISO 27001.

Serafin Alvarez
Director of Information Security, Business Continuity and Compliance, NQA