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Jacuzzi Case Study

11 February 2015
Keeping Jacuzzi energized with certification to ISO 9001 for its quality management system.

Jacuzzi, internationally renowned for its spa baths and hot tubs, has been a client of NQA for over fifteen years and is justifiably proud of its high manufacturing standards and ISO 9001 certification. This has helped them to maintain a market leading position and a reputation for the highest quality products. It is a partnership that is essential for the future wellbeing of the company.

As market leaders in spa baths and hot tubs, Jacuzzi cannot afford to sit back and relax. High standards of manufacturing must be maintained and NQA’s certification programme seeks to identify opportunities for improvement.

Internationally known for its manufacture of spa baths and hot tubs, Jacuzzi employs some 300 staff at its Bradford head office and manufacturing site. The company is part of an international group and the UK facility also supplies sanitary ware and kitchen accessories for distribution in the UK and export.

Jacuzzi is proud of its manufacturing standards, so it is no surprise that the company has held ISO 9001 for many years. The international client base places considerable emphasis on certification but for the company it is the focus on continual improvement that gives the real benefit.

A framework for consistent quality:

“Operating a quality management system is about ensuring consistently high quality. Without the discipline and framework provided by our system it would be difficult to identify areas for improvement or to create an environment that encourages participation,” summarises Richard Priestley, Safety, Health & Quality Compliance Officer.

A culture of continual improvement is deeply embedded within Jacuzzi with all staff included in the process. The company has recently initiated an NVQ training programme in Business Improvement Techniques as a way of continually improving the processes provided by ISO 9001.

“Working to the standard is about having a structure - a formalised structure including a regularreview process keeps everything on track to make sure we keep our focus on continual improvement.”

Maintaining focus

As the company has been certified for some time, the maintenance of the management system is audited regularly by NQA and these visits are a vital element of certification.

“All our staff know that the auditor will be visiting every six months, and this is an important signpost of just how seriously we take the standard.”

The significance of the auditor

“It’s the independence of the auditor that is really important. His familiarity with every aspect of the standard is essential. He makes sure that we are compliant with all the latest updates or changes to the standard while his familiarity with our business allows him to make insightful suggestions to further improve what we are doing.”

Jacuzzi has been a client of NQA for over fifteen years, and it is a partnership that is working well.

“The combination of NQA’s detailed knowledge of the standard, and our industry knowledge is what produces the culture of quality improvement that we consider essential to maintaining our market leading position.”