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Changes to the NQA/UKAS Accreditation Marks (logos)

18 March 2021
UKAS has rebranded and changed its accreditation logo.

Your new certification logo now looks like this...

As an NQA client you are able to display the NQA certification logos (with or without the UKAS accreditation mark) and in accordance with the usage guidelines to highlight your certification achievement/s.
It’s important that you update to the latest version of this logo but we appreciate that these changes may take some time for our customers to execute.
If you use the NQA and UKAS certification mark on any of your digital or printed materials you will need to update these to the new version in accordance with the following deadlines:

  • Digital Materials (1 year) – deadline 01/02/2022

  • Printed Materials (2 year) – deadline 01/02/2023

  • Certificates (3 years) – deadline 01/02/2024

In addition to this, NQA have a 3 year deadline to reissue your certificate with the new UKAS logo on it. The next time we update your certificate (likely following your next recertification audit) it will feature the new UKAS logo on it.

Download the new logos along with our logo guidance here.
You can take a look at the new UKAS website here along with their logo guidance here.