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Maintaining Your Certification Safely throughout the Coronavirus Covid-19 Global Outbreak

12 March 2020
COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus is impacting individuals and organizations globally. As you are most likely aware, the situation is changing in most countries on a daily basis.

NQA are first and foremost committed to ensuring the well-being of all customers, employees, associate partners and interested parties throughout this global health issue. We are mindful of organizations’ needs to have business continuity in their operations, including maintaining required certification(s), and we are working hard to balance our clients’ needs and concerns.

NQA’s Business Continuity Team are meeting regularly both internally and with international accreditation authorities to ensure that appropriate strategies are in place to deal with any and all issues that may arise relating to the impact of the coronavirus on organizations. We are continuously monitoring external agencies including local governments and the World Health Organization to assess risks and guide NQA response policies.

To reassure our clients and ensure the safety of all personnel, NQA are taking the following measures:

  • Restricting travel from any of the high-risk countries as identified by local governments and/or the WHO

  • Ensuring employees and associate partners notify NQA if they have travelled to any of the high-risk countries; or have plans to do so

  • Reminding all employees and associate partners to follow best practice hygiene and guidance to prevent the spread of COVID-19

  • Exploring a variety of alternative methods for providing certification services such the use of a combination of remote auditing and deferred assessments (subject and specific to client certification)

As we continue to provide our certification services, NQA will act with an abundance of caution whenever necessary to protect all parties from the ever-changing situational risks. Communications will continue broadly and with specific customer segments as and when needed over the coming weeks and months. 

As your certification partner, we’re also happy to address any specific questions or concerns you may have about your upcoming audit(s) please contact us here.