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Meet the COVID Manufacturing Challenge

01 May 2020
Meet the COVID Manufacturing Challenge In these challenging times a lot of companies are changing their activities to support the fight against COVID.

Manufacturing companies all over the world have adapted, from making cars to ventilator equipment / components. In this video, we highlight why quality best practice and flexibility are more important now than ever before!

Many of these companies will be operating effective quality management systems, built around their existing markets; for example automotive / aerospace / retail. They have pivoted their business and deployed their expertise to help address a medical challenge. It is of value for companies to incorporate best practices for the medical sector into their work. 

Different sectors mean different challenges and focuses, we have highlighted some key areas for consideration for companies entering the medical market in this webinar. These are derived from our own experiences and from the International recognised standard for quality in the medical devices sector, ISO 13485. 

Support the fight against COVID with great, safe products!