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A conversation with NQA's President Kevin Beard - The Future of AS9100 (Rev D)

05 June 2019
RAMP Enterprises interview NQA's President Kevin Beard at the ASQ Conference on Collaboration and Quality for the Space and Defense industries. 

In this interview Kevin discusses what can be expected from the aerospace standard AS9100 moving forward and what this means versus the goals of the initial transition. 

This discussion looks at the 'what next?' topic. Find out why the majority of non-conformance's are still being found in the older areas of the standard and why its important to get out of your comfort zone and start focusing on some of the more complex areas such as risk-based thinking. 

Kevin and Elaine also discuss what makes NQA different and how as a company our level of interaction with the industry and understanding of the challenges many face enables us to provide more effective solutions. 

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