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PAS 2060 - The Journey to Carbon Neutrality

21 February 2022
NQA’s Regional Assessor, Clare Braham, looks at the journey to Carbon Neutrality, unpicks some of the terminology used and discusses how using a 3rd Party Verification can help break through the fog of empty environmental claims.

You can download a copy of the slides here.

In many marketplaces, carbon neutrality is becoming an important attribute for consumers wishing to choose more sustainable products and services. There are many organisations and products that are now claiming to be ‘carbon neutral’ - but how can we be sure that those claims are independently verified?
Whilst companies can calculate their footprints, purchase credits and claim carbon neutrality, the PAS 2060 standard provides an internationally recognised framework for accuracy and verification. This is seen as becoming increasingly key as companies and governments move towards a net zero world by 2050.
PAS 2060 therefore helps organisations demonstrate the carbon neutrality of a specific product, entity or activity. It underpins reliable, credible claims that the subject of such a claim can indeed be considered carbon neutral.
The main benefits of the standard are:

  • It is the only internationally recognised verification for organisational carbon neutrality.

  • It guides companies to quantify their carbon footprint and supports subsequent reduction of emissions with a 12-month review.
  • The inclusion of offsetting using certified credits encourages the support of climate finance projects that add social and environmental value.

  • It enables companies to demonstrate a voluntary and ambitious commitment to climate action. 

No matter what sector you operate in, your organisation can use the PAS 2060 standard to strengthen relationships with customers and contribute to the long-term stability of life on Earth.