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NQA has certified its first ISO 20121 client

28 July 2023
It’s no secret that NQA has a zest for sustainability. We recently rolled out ISO 20121, with RenewableUK as our first successful client.

ISO 20121 (Sustainable Events Management Systems) is one of the latest ISO standards to encourage sustainability in business.

What is ISO 20121 (Sustainable Events Management Systems)?

For organisations and professionals who haven’t come across ISO 20121 standard just yet, here’s a quick overview: 

Events, whether big or small, can take their toll on the environment around us. ISO 20121 has been developed to support events in managing sustainability and promoting more responsible consumption. The standard can be applied to both organisations and individuals of all types and sizes.

It follows Annex SL, a structure introduced in 2015 to streamline standards, encourage standardisation and ease management system integration.

What difference does having ISO 20121 make?

ISO 20121 awards sustainability-savvy organisations official recognition that they:

  • Conduct best practices for event sustainability management.

  • Take economic, environmental and social factors in their stride.

  • Are committed to continual improvement across sustainability.

  • Can plan and address potential risks and opportunities.

Celebrating our first ISO 20121 client

RenewableUK is building a greener world powered by clean electricity.

The 250,000-strong membership body is devoted to a future that works for industry, households, companies and the environment. It works alongside 450+ companies to help deploy renewable electricity, with expert leaders and innovators fuelling the change.

RenewableUK achieved ISO 20121 in June 2023, with the help of consultancy Ley Hill Solutions. The membership body is NQA’s first client for this certification – and we can’t wait to see what they achieve next!

What NQA says about the achievement

NQA President Kevin Beard comments:

“We congratulate RenewableUK on achieving both ISO 9001 and ISO 20121. Their success demonstrates a strong and credible management system, alongside a clear commitment to driving sustainability improvements through accountability and action. We look forward to seeing what doors open next for RenewableUK, and how their certifications help along the way.”

The future is green with ISO 20121

What better way to show your commitment to sustainable events than ISO 20121?

We have a webinar on the ISO 20121 standard coming in October, so keep your eyes peeled.

Kickstart your journey to sustainability certification with NQA. Get in touch today.