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ISO 27017 / ISO 27018 - An Introduction to Cloud Security and Privacy

22 July 2021
Watch this recorded webinar demonstrating how organisations can ensure that their data kept within the Cloud is safe and secure.

Please feel free to download the slides here.

The pandemic didn’t just massively increase remote working, it drove a significant increase in the use of cloud services. How do organisations know that their data in the Cloud is secure and remains private? How do Cloud service providers demonstrate the security and privacy of their cloud services? 

This video analyses:

  • How ISO 27017 provides information security guidance for cloud service customers and for cloud service providers

  • How ISO 27018 provides guidance for protecting personal information in the cloud

  • The relationship between ISO 27701 Privacy Information Management and ISO 27018

  • How to add both standards to an existing ISO 27001 information security management system.

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