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Moyola Precision Engineering Case Study

30 March 2023
For nearly 50 years, Moyola Precision Engineering has helped transform Northern Ireland’s industrial sector.


It specialises in engineering solutions for the aerospace and defence sectors, including 6-axis precision components, kits, sub-assemblies, and tooling.

Moyola has proudly held NQA certifications for 30 years and, in December 2021, received the green light to extend operations under AS9100.

Keep reading to discover how NQA helped Moyola move in a new direction.

A loyal client with an ambitious vision

You can find Moyola Precision Engineering in Castledawson, right in the heart of Northern Ireland. The engineering firm is a recognised major player, boasting over 100 employees and expertise spanning nearly half a century.

Moyola had previously achieved ISO 9001 and AS9100 (1992 and 2004, respectively) to support its machining and product assembly efforts. In 2021, decision-makers agreed to open an on-site treatment facility to extend the company’s competencies.

This new vision – to expand into NDT, surface treatments, and painting – required an audit to extend the scope of AS9100.

The audit would be the first step towards guaranteed quality, delivery and innovation.

Simplifying the audit process

The road to extending Moyola’s AS9100 certification was a real challenge, despite its mature QMS:

  • Narrow timeframes to build and make the on-site plant operational

  • Recruiting for specialist roles and training existing team members

  • COVID-19 impacting people and almost every stage of the supply chain

Given that time was of the essence, the NQA team worked hard to support Moyola. It included streamlining the audit booking process, alongside hosting preparatory meetings to guide and answer any pressing questions.

When the time for the audit arrived, our assessors – Archie Gemmell and Nigel Hammond – took to the stage. The assessors’ warm and open communication style helped Moyola team members confidently demonstrate their work, minus the added pressure.

The result? A seamless audit and the approved extension of AS9100 just in time for Christmas 2021.


Words of praise from Moyola

“NQA has always met and exceeded our expectations over the last 30 years. It’s difficult putting new processes and robust systems in place, but the NQA assessors always take a pragmatic, engaging, and supportive approach to auditing.”

Final thoughts from NQA

It’s been a pleasure working with Moyola for the past 30 years. We take great pride in helping our clients ‘never stop improving’ – NQA’s philosophy that Moyola never fails to take seriously. We look forward to continuing to grow our relationship and seeing what Moyola achieves next!

Did-you-know-NQA.jpgDid you know? NQA offers a range of aerospace certifications, including the AS9100 and ISO 9001 mentioned in this case study.

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Download a PDF version of Moyola Precision Engineering's case study here.