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ISO publish carbon neutrality standard: ISO 14068-1

05 December 2023
The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has just published a new standard for carbon neutrality, ISO 14068-1.

Today, the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has released the first part of their ISO 14068 series, ISO 14068-1: Carbon Neutrality. The standard provides a framework for achieving and demonstrating carbon neutrality, with an emphasised priority on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

The wider series of ISO 14068 is titled ‘Climate Change Action, Transitioning to Net Zero’. It is hoped that through additional parts in the series, ISO 14068 will bring further guidance and requirements on roadmaps in reaching net zero emissions.

To date, PAS 2060 has been the only internationally recognised standard utilised for carbon neutrality claims. The growth into the ISO market shows a positive, strong move forward for entities seeking to demonstrate these claims.

For NQA, as an independent third-party verification body for PAS 2060, we will monitor updates with ISO 14068-1 to support our clients on this journey. Carbon Neutrality verifications remain a core service offering for NQA, and we would be happy to support them with any related enquiries, be they PAS 2060 or ISO 14068-1.

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