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NQA is a Carbon Neutral Organisation

06 juli 2022
We are proud to announce that NQA Certification Ltd (incorporating NQA Training) is now a carbon neutral organisation for our UK & Ireland operations.
One of NQA’s core values is to become a more sustainable organisation year on year which enables us to be transparent and accountable for our carbon footprint. Our focused ambitions and commitment in this area are mirrored within our ESG goals and Sustainability Promise.

NQA recognise the importance of a stepped approach towards becoming a net zero organisation before 2050, in line with government targets, and becoming a carbon neutral organisation is a big step towards this goal.

As a certification, training and verification partner, we recognise the importance of a framework for verification activities and have aligned our compliance with the international standard for Carbon Neutrality – PAS 2060. To comply with PAS 2060 requirements, we calculated our carbon footprint, composed a carbon management plan, and offset our emissions for the calendar year 2021.

We are committed to continuing our carbon neutral claims for future years and have set meaningful goals to continually improve on our environmental performance.

NQA have invested in carbon offset credits by a recognised and verified provider with a project based in India, supporting our Indian colleagues local community. The credits purchased are supporting a biomass based power project that is reducing tonnes of CO2 annually. It also has a number of benefits such as providing further resource, opportunities, and infrastructure developments in local villages. This is something very close to the hearts of our colleagues, partners and clients in India and across the globe.

NQA’s Managing Director Nick Wright comments:
“I am proud that NQA UK is now a carbon neutral company. Achieving carbon neutrality is an important milestone for our company and sets out our future direction. Like many of our clients, we are on a journey to understand and reduce our environmental impact. We are committed to delivering continuing reductions in our carbon intensity through investment in technology, infrastructure, and cultural change.

In the last few years, we made significant strides forward delivered through improved methods of working, flexible working arrangements, increased use of technology to rationalise business travel and investment in the electrification of our vehicle fleet. Each of these initiatives has not only supported our pledge to become a sustainable organisation but has also benefitted the wellbeing of the NQA team.

We strongly believe that being transparent is a cornerstone of how we are going to deliver carbon reduction targets. We have chosen to achieve carbon neutrality using the PAS 2060 framework due to its international recognition, science led approach and the requirement to provide transparency to stakeholders. Whilst this is just the beginning of NQA’s sustainability journey, it’s a very important milestone.”

To find out more about NQA’s commitment to sustainability, please visit our dedicated page here.