About Us

NQA is now part of Element Materials Technologies, a global provider of Testing, Inspection, and Certification (TIC) services on a wide range of products, materials, processes and services.

Headquartered in London, Element’s scientists, engineers and technologists collaborate with our global network of over 200 laboratories, and support customers from early R&D, through complex regulatory approvals and into production.

With this partnership, we are able to help our customers deliver products and services that are safe, compliant and trustworthy – making tomorrow safer than today.

Our services

We provide accredited certification, training and support services to help you improve processes, performance and products and services. We have issued over 50,000 certificates to clients in over 90 countries.

We help organizations of all sizes perform better in quality, environment, energy, sustainability and health and safety management. Moreover, we make sure that these improvements continue year in, year out.

Often, we will work in close partnership with consultants who can play a crucial role in helping to implement these management systems.

We specialize in management systems certification for: 

  • quality (including automotive and aerospace sectors)
  • energy & environment
  • health & safety
  • information security

Our clients

We are privileged to work with diverse organizations including small businesses, charities, government departments and world famous brands like NASA. 

See our range of case studies to find out how we helped them improve through certification.

Our customer charter


Our commitment to providing the highest standards of customer service are embodied in our client charter:

  • We will listen to you and commit to providing the best response, first time
  • We promise to provide quality advice, technical expertise and highly skilled people to support you
  • We will provide products and services designed to meet your needs that will evolve as your business grows
  • We will deliver a timely and professional service
  • We will be respectful, courteous and helpful at all times.


If you would like to complain or give feedback on any aspect of our service, please let us know.

Our philosophy - Responsive. Reliable. Respected

Every business can do better, consistently, continually and sustainably. That’s what we believe at NQA and it’s what we’re here to help achieve. Our assessment, certification and training services enable businesses to implement change, improve management systems and build for future success.

What makes us different

We are passionate about helping our clients to improve their products, processes and people so they can deliver excellent customer satisfaction.

Our approach is pragmatic and supportive whilst meeting the rigorous technical demands and integrity of accredited certification.  

You can expect:

  • Practical advice. We help you understand the technical requirements and stages of the certification process in plain English

  • Improvement focus. We not only assess your compliance with your chosen standard, we aim to identify opportunities for improvement at every audit

  • Comprehensive service. We provide a complete range of certification services with global coverage enabling you to integrate certification for greater efficiency

  • Different ways to learn. Online, class-room and in-house courses; we think it’s important that you can gain new technical skills your way

  • Great value. No hidden fees, competitive rates and access to world-class technical support 

  • The latest technical advice. Our worldwide network of experts participate in technical committees and standards writing; we help you keep up with developments

Our core values

"Our core values reflect what is truly important to us as an organization. These are not values that change from time-to-time, situation-to-situation or person-to-person, but rather they are the foundation of our company culture. As we grow, we want to maintain these values so that we can preserve what is special about our company."

Organizational Integrity

  • We inspire trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words and taking responsibility for our actions.
  • We value honest and respectful interactions.
  • We value a culture of emotional and social support.

Respect for the Individual

  • We value diversity and appreciate the contributions of every employee.
  • We seek to foster a trusting, open and inclusive environment.
  • We value initiative, compassion, self-confidence, understanding, adaptability, responsibility and ethical behavior.

Quality Customer Service

  • Our Clients deserve the highest level of quality customer service.
  • We form long-term relationships by being highly responsive and providing innovative problem solving.
  • We want to understand our Client's changing needs and consistently deliver value by providing outstanding service that builds their confidence, loyalty and respect.

Stewardship - "Obligations to Stakeholders"

  • We meet our commitments and obligations to key stakeholders - employees, stockholders, clients.
  • It is our responsibility to properly utilize and develop our resources - people, property and financial assets.
  • We recognize that maximizing profits is essential for growth, prosperity, opportunity, job satisfaction and job security.
  • We are the stewards of our shareholders investment and we take that responsibility seriously.

Embrace and Drive Change

  • Part of being in a growing and thriving company is continuous process improvement and change.
  • We are continuously evolving and expanding our services to meet the demands of the changing marketplace.

One Enterprise

  • By embracing the uniqueness of each NTS organization we leverage the power of relationships and collaboration to deliver exceptional service, exceptional capabilities and convenient access to our clients, wherever they do business.
  • We strive for a cohesive team environment that fosters "dual citizenship" and participative decision making across the enterprise.

The Best People Make the Best Teams

  • We seek to deliver our services through a motivated and prepared workforce.
  • Attracting, developing and retaining the best talent for our business, demonstrating a "can-do" attitude and fostering a collaborative and mutually supportive team environment.

Personal and Organizational Growth

  • We encourage employees to grow personally and professionally.
  • It is important to challenge and stretch ourselves by continuously developing skills through learning and education.
  • In the process of our growth, we are helping the company grow.

Get in touch

If you would like advice on any aspect of our service, please contact us.