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Update Your Management System

25 January 2017

The new year gives us the opportunity to evaluate the decisions we have made and make objectives for the new year. So why not use the transition period as an opportunity to transfer your certification to NQA?

Time for a Change

During 2015 and 2016 there were a number of changes within different standards.  As we know, this is going to continue until the end of 2018. The transition period that we find ourselves in gives us the opportunity to reflect on our management systems and the chance to continually improve both our process and our mindset. 

Why Change Now?

The New Year gives us the perfect opportunity to evaluate the decisions we have made, set objectives for the year, and implement changes to benefit our companies….so why not use the transition period as an opportunity to consider transferring your certification to NQA?

Why Change to NQA?

  • Respected, Trusted, and Technical Expertise. NQA is one of the most respected and trusted technical experts in the industry. We are active in working groups, writing groups, and industry committees that affect your standards. Why is this important? Because you need accurate and credible guidance from a source you can trust.
  • No Term Commitments. NQA does not require term commitments. And, even though we don’t require customers to stay with us, we have a 98% customer retention rate - one of the highest in the industry.

  • Excellent Service. We don’t leave you hanging. We respond quickly, answer your questions, keep scheduling commitments, and provide your certificates in a timely manner. You get the high level of service you deserve.

  • Practical Transition Advice. We offer helpful information, including a range of presentations and free webinars, providing you with the opportunity to ask questions on a live platform.

  • Improvement Focus. We not only assess your compliance with your chosen standard, but we also aim to identify opportunities for improvement at every audit.

  • Integration. Our auditors are multi-skilled providing you with the opportunity to save both time and money through an integrated audit if your management system is integrated.

  • Cost Controls. NQA’s quotes are transparent, easy to understand, and do not include any hidden fees. We can also offer a fully inclusive day rate that includes all travel and expenses, so you won’t get hit with any unexpected costs.

What Can NQA Do For You?

We are happy to answer any questions, provide a quote, or help you in any way we can.  Most standards allow a transfer and transition at the same time. We can help make your transition and transfer easy, seamless, and cost effective. Transferring to NQA is free and easy. We would love to welcome you to our family.

What happens next?

Get a Quick Quote or Ask a Question to start a conversation and to reap the benefits of transferring your certification to NQA. We look forward to hearing from you!