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Meet the Team: 60 Seconds with Maria Constable

05 June 2024
In our latest 60 Seconds, we sit down with our Food Certification and Medical Devices Manager, Maria Constable, to learn more about her role, experiences, and insights. 

What is your role?

My name is Maria Constable and I am NQA's Food Certification Manager (& Medical Devices Certification Manager).

Most memorable moment at work

I get to travel to some amazing places and meet fabulous people. One of my favourite memories, was travelling to Japan for an audit, just as the Covid pandemic hit the world!

Your favourite thing about working for NQA

The people I work with are great. Although we are a large certification body, we still retain personality, meaning the business is friendly and has a real family feel.

I also like that I work with companies and people all over the world, with different cultures. No two companies are the same, which means my days are always varied.

Top tip for people looking at certification

Talk to people, whether it's a certification body, consultant or maybe a friend whose business has been through the process. If we share experiences, it allows us all to strengthen our management systems and improve.

Familiarise yourself with the standards – take it step by step and don’t overthink things!

Implement a management system that works for you, enables you to have control and to improve.

How might you be able to help our readers?

I love to talk about food certification! Whether you are already certified or just starting the process, feel free to contact me to discuss your certification needs.

I have presented and recorded webinars for our website, these might help answer some questions you might have. 

Want to learn more about our standards? Explore our upcoming webinars and exceptional training!

Ready to start your journey towards certification? Contact one of our friendly team today!